Arabic Medical Translation



Arabic Medical Translation

Delivering top-quality Arabic medical translation requires getting a number of things right. From understanding the base meaning to finding the appropriate target language terms, to delivering the finished product in polished prose that respects conventions of the local Arabic dialect(s) in the target country. Industry Arabic has developed a team with significant experience in medical translation from English to Arabic and vice versa.

As demographics shift and populations move around the world, the need for an accurate translation of medical files is more vital than ever. Whether you need to translate:

  • Medical records & transcripts,
  • Informed consent and authorization for care agreements
  • Medication or medical device documentation
  • Drug labels
  • and more…

Industry Arabic has the expertise to handle any medical project your organization may have.

Arabic Medical Translation: A Brief History

The Golden Age of Islam witnessed the flourishing of science, mathematics, and medicine throughout Eurasia. As a result, many English scientific and medical terms have roots in Arabic words or Arabic transliterations of Greek, Roman, or Persian terminology. Despite the Arabic language’s rich heritage in these fields, most modern medical literature and education are written in English or French. This is due to the effects of colonialism, as well as the English language’s dominance in the medical and scientific realms. At the same time, Arabic language medical records and texts are maintained in Arabic in government files around the region.

Arabic Medical Translation: Our ISO-Certified Approach

We take pride in our unique method and outlook on translation, and it shows through our results. Below you can see what sets Industry Arabic apart when we take on medical translation projects.

Precise Terminology: Much of modern medicine, including the names of drugs and diseases, is derived from Western languages. When translating these words, some translators settle for approximate transliterations that often miss the mark. With the myriad of diagnoses, procedures, and conditions to learn, mastering medical lingo can take years. Fortunately for Industry Arabic, our translators are very familiar with medical jargon and terminology, and thus always strive to find and use the proper terms and spellings during each translation.

Attention to Detail: Medical translation can be a matter of life and death. Misinformation or bad science can lead to disastrous consequences. Every detail counts, whether in regard to a drug’s components, a patient’s medical history, or a step in a procedure.  Our translators go the extra mile in their research and translation processes to make sure that the science correlates with what the text says. In this way, we make sure that everything in the translation is accurate and faithful not only to the source but also to conventional medical wisdom and practice.

Two-Step Verification: In accordance with ISO 17100:2016 standard for medical translation, Industry Arabic employs a second reviewer to check both the accuracy of the translation, as well as style and appropriateness for the intended audience. This extra layer of review ensures that medical files will have the level of polish they need to convey both the letter and spirit of the source text.

Arabic Medical Translation Case Studies: 

  • Medical Case History Documents: Industry Arabic provides rapid turnaround Arabic to English translation of patient surgical records to support insurance and billing processes. We translate medical consent forms, surgical records, and disclosure agreements.
  • Health & Safety Regulations for Food Products:  Industry Arabic has translated hundreds of pages of correspondence related to health effects and government regulation of various product categories. This included technical scientific research on health effects, Powerpoint presentations, and memos for senior health officials.
  • Drug Data Sheets: We have provided English to Arabic translations for a series of drug labels and related documentation.
  • GCC Public Health Projects: Industry Arabic regularly translates files related to public health and disease prevention initiatives in the region. Topics covered include diabetes treatment and prevention, vision screening, drinking water safety, and infectious disease control.

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