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If Arabic translation services are critical to your work, you know quality can be a challenge. Maybe you've faced:

  • Slow translators who can't keep up or disappear when you need them most
  • Sloppy translators who fail to research basic things like the spelling of your organization's name
  • Poor work that doesn't capture the meaning, leaving a final product one step above machine-translated gibberish

We feel your pain!

Since 2011, we've been the team quietly handling some of the toughest projects for top firms and NGOs. And while many see translation as a boring 'back office' issue, we know the reality:

Translation Is Your Organization’s Lifeblood

Despite the vital importance of Arabic document translation, many of our colleagues were frustrated.

They were getting documents of uneven quality from large firms, while the best freelancers were booked solid.

That's why we founded Industry Arabic in 2011 with the goal of being the top Arabic translation company in the world.

We assembled a team of elite translators from top universities and combined them with an unwavering commitment to serving our clients.

Since then...

We Have Provided Top Quality Arabic Translation Services to Over 300 Clients, Including the UN and Fortune 100 Companies

Recent case studies:

  • 1,000 Pages in a Week: Our client required a strategic plan translated from Arabic to English on an ultra rush basis. With a team of 20 linguists, we delivered the priority sections the next morning, and finished the full document in one week to positive feedback from our client's customers.
  • Daily Translations of Syrian Political Analysis: A top international think tank relies on Industry Arabic for next-day English to Arabic translation services for articles and reports.
  • Legal Translation for Litigation: Several high-profile law firms rely on Industry Arabic for rush translation of legal documents to support ongoing cases. Our team have passed client background checks and follow extra client security protocols for sensitive documents. Read More Case Studies.

8 More Reasons to Work With Industry Arabic:

1. We Work While You Sleep: Business moves fast. Our professional Arabic translators are based around the globe. This enables us to finish your urgent documents in a fraction of the standard turnaround time.

2. Arabic Language Specialists: Unlike some big translation companies who offer every language under the sun, we focus on Arabic to English and English to Arabic translation services. This has allowed us to build a team of linguists with unmatched depth and expertise and to support a number of less common file formats.

3. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We are so confident you'll love our language services that we offer unlimited revisions within 30 days of submission so you can relax knowing we're not done until you are happy.

4. We Speak Your Arabic Dialect: From MSA to the Maghreb, we serve our customers across the Arabic speaking world, with emphasis on Modern Standard, Saudi, Tunisian, Egyptian, Gulf, Levantine, Libyan, and Iraqi Arabic dialects. We also support regional languages like French, Hebrew, and Persian (Farsi).

5. Two Linguist Quality Assurance: All translation work undergoes at least two rounds of review, one by the initial translator and a second editing proofreading round. This ensures our translation projects are accurate and fit the audience.

6. White Glove Service: Responsive service is our hallmark, so you can always get in touch if you have a question, tight deadline, unusual file types, and more. Contact us here.

7. Subject Matter Expertise: Our team of professional Arabic translators includes specialists in many fields. See these case studies on our work in select fields.

  • Arabic Legal Translation Services: From contracts to constitutions, our legal translation team has translated documents from across the Arabic speaking world. More
  • Technical Arabic Translation: Schematics, service manuals, and more. Our professional team has helped customers succeed across the Arabic speaking world. More
  • Arabic Website Localization. From a quick landing page to a large software localization project, let us help you find the right software and approach to support your operations in the Arab world. More 
  • Arabic Medical Translation: From patient records to training materials, we have supported several medical practices and humanitarian efforts working in the Middle East. More
  • Arabic Proofreading & Editing Services: Have a document that needs extra polish? Or needs to be localized for somewhere else in the Arab region? Let our professional translators get your documents ready for publication. More
  • Arabic Subtitling Services: From YouTube, to SRT files, to AfterEffects, our team provides video translation solutions to localize your content for Arabic speakers from across the region.  More
  • Certified Arabic-English Translation: Diplomas, birth certificates, and more, our certified translation services will ensure your legal documents are accepted by the right agencies. More