Arabic Defense and Aerospace Translation: Approach and Case Studies



The threat of instability and terrorism looms large in many parts of the Middle East and North Africa. Both regional and international actors in the Arab region rely on military assets to carry out their operations. Above all, there are many opportunities for effective coordination among these actors, which require accurate and timely defense/aerospace translations.

Perhaps you are a defense contractor hoping to provide an Arab government with the best means for protecting itself. Maybe you wish to broker an air shipping deal with a major Arab airline. Or, let’s say you need to make sense of government reports on the military situation of a given country. In any case, your organization will rely on precise, clear, and correct translations. Under these sorts of high-stakes circumstances, you can put your trust in Industry Arabic’s proven translation team and methodology for all of your Arabic <=> English defense/aerospace translation needs.

Scope of MENA Defense/Aerospace Projects

In the modern era, the MENA governments have devoted much of their nation’s wealth and GDP towards defense spending, especially with the emergence of civil strife and terrorist groups across the region. Some of these governments also receive a great deal of military aid from the world’s superpowers, the US and Russia, or regional actors, like Iran or Israel. This aid usually comes in the form of surface-to-air missiles, aerospace defense systems, and planes. However, these governments also receive defense/aerospace aid through military counselors, such as the US advisory forces in Syria, or air support, as in the US refueling Saudi planes midair.

Aside from its purely military purposes, the MENA region also possesses some lucrative commercial aerospace assets. The Arabian Gulf is home to three of the world’s highest-rated airlines (Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways). Its location also represents the ideal central location for international air travel and trade. With this increase in trade, Arab airports have become some of the busiest in the world. In fact, Dubai International Airport processes 88 million people per year! (

With all of this potential business in mind, here are some examples of projects in the Defense/Aerospace field with which Industry Arabic can assist your organization:

  • Intelligence Reports: Knowledge is power, and setting the proper strategy is the key to victory in the fight against international terrorism. Intelligent reports allow joint military operations to happen, so they need to be translated quickly and accurately.  Other non-governmental organizations can also use these non-classified reports to assess the situation wherein they hope to work.
  • Field Manuals/Courses: A lot of the military and commercial aerospace technology used in the MENA region comes from international allies. As such, their highly technical instruction guides must also be translated so that the local forces can learn to use them. On top of that, adequate training courses or educational materials would also need to be localized to ensure that the clients know how to use them well.
  • RFP: The way many companies and contractors attain defense/aerospace contracts is through the Request for Proposal (RFP). With the RFP, the bidding company can respond to the client’s requirements and advertise its capabilities. Whether you have an Arabic RFP or have a tender that needs to be localized into Arabic, our team can do both with exceptional quality and attention to detail.

The Industry Arabic Difference:

No matter the size or scope you have in mind, Industry Arabic is willing and able to take on any sort of defense/aerospace translation project. As a specialized translation company, we offer a variety of services and possess a number of advantages over your traditional language services provider. As such, here are a few ways in which Industry Arabic stands out from the rest:

  • 100% Expert Human Translators: As our name would suggest, we are a company that specializes solely in English <=> Arabic translations. What makes our operation so successful and unique, however, is our use of highly qualified and vetted translators, editors, and project managers who are fluent in the Arabic language in all of its forms and dialects. Each of our translators is also familiar with and accustomed to the various Arab societies and cultures which your company may wish to reach.  In the end, you can expect this level of translation specialization and quality from the team we trust, not some fancy AI or language software.
  • Custom Client Support: The Industry Arabic team understands the highly sensitive and urgent nature of defense/aerospace projects. As such, our team will work with you to specifically craft a translation strategy to ensure the quickest turnaround times while maintaining your security protocols. We also provide certification and notarization services for translations when necessary. Lastly, the pride of our company is our speedy and attentive customer service. You can always count on our team to respond to any request within 30 minutes or less. Plus, we are a worldwide team, so no matter what timezone you are in, we have people working around the clock on your project.
  • Two-Step Verification: Our team guarantees that each translation goes through a two-step verification process to ensure its quality. Like most written works, translations go through rough draft stages. For some people, this is where the job ends. However, at Industry Arabic, we instruct our translators to proofread and edit their work once they have finished the translation. Afterward, one of our bilingual editors will carefully conduct a second round of editing to polish the language, if necessary, and make the final translation presentable for the target audience.

Previous Projects:

Below is a short list of our many successful military/security translations completed in the past:

  • Military Strategy Workshop. English to Arabic translation of hundreds of pages of academic articles, class handouts, evaluation forms, and class presentations on geopolitics in the Gulf.
  • Technical Security Assessment. Translated a 100-page security assessment for an Arab state into Arabic. The documents included technical weapons systems data and analysis of armed groups and security threats. We provided graphics support to ensure all documents would be easy to read and understood by the target audience.

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