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Arabic language content on the internet has grown significantly over the last decade. Nowhere is this more readily apparent than on Youtube. This worldwide video-sharing site allows users to post, share, and comment on a plethora of videos uploaded from all corners of the planet. As a result, everyone is able to project their own individual views and experiences to a wide, heterogeneous audience. In the Middle East/North Africa, Youtube was utilized as a powerful social media tool, especially in the wake of the Arab Spring of 2011. The success of the social movements born of the Arab Spring was due in part to their ability to post unedited footage of mass demonstrations that were translated on the site. As anyone can clearly see, the availability of Arabic Youtube translations can have far-reaching, world-changing consequences.

As a company, we here at Industry Arabic strive to bring Arabic Youtube content to the forefront through our professional translation services. Whether you have a breaking news broadcast, the latest from a Youtube influencer, or the next chart-topping music video, our expert team can assist you at every step of the translation process and ensure a quality product. See below how Industry Arabic will go the extra mile to make your Arabic Youtube translation go viral!

Youtube Stats

Since its launch in April of 2005, Youtube has become one of the most-watched internet video, music, and live TV streaming platforms in the world. With over 400 hours of content uploaded per minute, 1 billion mobile video views per day, and 2 billion monthly logged-in users, the site has irrevocably transformed the way in which the world creates and consumes media. Although it’s hard to remember a time when one’s Youtube video wasn’t interrupted by ads, the site originally started as a free streaming platform. This all changed, however, when Google purchased it in 2006 for a staggering $1.65 billion, thereby transforming it into one of the internet’s most lucrative websites. Ten years into its existence, the site generated $8 billion in advertising revenue, a handsome turnaround for such a huge investment. As of 2018, the site remains the second-most visited website in the world, only behind Google, according to Alexa Internet.

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Arabic Context

Although the overwhelming majority of content on Youtube is in English, many other languages are well represented on the site. Youtube is now currently available in 91 different countries and supports browsing in 80 languages. Aside from providing a personal, virtual window into other parts of the world, another way Youtube brings different cultures together is through subtitled translations n some of their most popular videos. The Arabic Youtube channels with the most subscriptions include the MENA region’s top news channels, such as MBC and Al-Jazeera, while the most popular videos are of music videos and programs, such as Melody TV and Arab Idol.

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In an attempt to grow cross-cultural demand and access to content, Youtube used to offer video translation as an option through its “Translation Marketplace.” Launched in November 2015, Youtube gave users the option of hiring transcription and translation services for their videos through a list of approved LSP. The site ended the Marketplace, however, in June 2017, citing that it had not chalked up to be the game-changer it had expected, thereby making the process of finding an adequate LSP that much more inconvenient for users. Fortunately, Industry Arabic is here to fill that void left in the Translation Marketplace’s wake through its high-quality Arabic Youtube translation services.

Our Methodology

As with the rest of our services, we at Industry Arabic adhere to a tried-and-true process when handling any Arabic Youtube translation. From start to finish, our team ensures the highest level of quality and attention to your Youtube video project. To better understand our values and process, please see the following simple list of the essential aspects of our translation methodology:

Content is Key: Each translation is as unique as the source it will reflect. The content of each video will determine how we approach our translation. A news broadcast may require a more literal translation method to accurately convey the facts on the ground. On the other hand, works of art, such as song lyrics or comedy videos, may necessitate more creative finesse to fully convey the passion of the source song, or to make the target English viewer laugh as hard as the original video’s audience. In all cases, our translators and project managers work to provide the most suitable translation method depending on the type of media presented online.

Distinguishing Dialects: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the official language spoken in 23 nations across the MENA region. This language is most often used on Youtube for religious discourses, news broadcasts, and to conduct international business/advertising. However, there are as many regional Arabic dialects as there are countries in which it is spoken, if not more. As such, the majority of pop cultural content found on Youtube will be spoken in a vernacular dialect, known collectively as 3amiyya Arabic (العربية العامية). On top of that, some dialects are mutually incomprehensible between citizens of two different countries.

With this in mind, you might be asking yourself which Arabic is spoken in your video, or what is the most appropriate way for translating this register. This is where Industry Arabic’s diverse team of vetted translators comes in. We boast a large network of highly skilled and specialized translators who are familiar with all of the most common and unique Arabic dialects. In this way, you can be sure that the person handling your video translation project fully grasps the nuances and peculiarities of the Arabic language in all of its forms.

Subtitling Style: Youtube translations come in the form of subtitles centered at the bottom of the video screen. The challenge is fitting the translated content into one or two lines so as not to eclipse the video above. With this limitation in mind, our team provides the most concise translation to fit the screen and correspond with the simultaneous source video. Though the sentences may be short, we at Industry Arabic don’t cut any corners in providing the most accurate and appropriate translations on the market. In the end, you will have a video that is easy to read and true to the original script!

Successful Projects

Check out a few of our previous Arabic Youtube translation projects we have completed for happy customers in the past:

  • Libyan Peace Process: One client, an UN-sponsored humanitarian organization had us transcribe, translate, and subtitle a series of videos in Libyan and Modern Standard Arabic concerning the ongoing peace and reconciliation talks taking place in Libya on their Youtube channel. As a result, the world was able to follow the latest developments in the international Libyan reconstruction effort in both Arabic and English.

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