Arabic Telecom Translation Case Study



Arabic Telecom Translation Case Study

A few months ago, an executive at a Fortune 100 telecom company called in a panic. He was in the midst of an Arabic translation emergency and had no idea how to fix it.

He was racing to finish a multi-million dollar proposal to an Arab government on a short deadline. The bid package was hundreds of pages of detailed telecom documents and, of course, it needed to be translated into flawless Arabic.

So he did what a lot of our clients do at first. He hired one of the large “big box” translation agencies. Generic shops that translate all languages.

Can you see where this is going?

Right before he called us, the first company called him up and broke the news. They weren’t going to be able to translate this massive bid package into Arabic in time.

“Is there any way you can get this done?” he asked me.

Two weeks later, well ahead of his deadline, our team of eight translators and three editors, delivered hundreds of pages of polished technical translation.

“You guys did what everyone else said was impossible,” the client wrote back to us.

But even if a multi-million dollar bid is not riding on the quality of your Arabic language translation,

There are also reputational costs to consider. Sloppy translation on your website or marketing materials will slowly erode your company’s reputation, word by word.

Arabic Telecom Experience:

Over the years, we’ve provided translation services for thousands and thousands of pages of telecom documents between the Arabic and English languages. These include:

  • Internet access and cybersecurity guides
  • Mobile telephony content
  • Telecommunications business documents (newsletters, manuals, bids, etc)
  • Voicemail system trees and documentation

Other Technical Arabic Translation Case Studies

  • Translation of 326,000 Word Training Manuals into Arabic. An international organization required a technical training guide translated into Arabic. This document included schematics and detailed technical instructions. With 9 translators and 3 editors, we completed the document in under 6 weeks and received glowing client feedback.
  • Software Arabization. Using Transifex, we Arabized the software powering the world’s first SMS voter registration system. This included custom backend telecom software as well as user-facing content.
  • Technical Security Assessment. Translated a 100-page security assessment of an Arab state into Arabic. The document included technical weapons systems data and analysis of armed groups and security threats. IA provided graphics support to ensure all documents were fully Arabized for client acceptance.

Our Translation Methodology

  • Deep Industry Expertise: Because we focus exclusively on the Arabic language, Industry Arabic recruits the best translators for your specific project.
  • Team Approach to Get Big Jobs Done Fast: When speed is critical, we use a team of translators, editors, and designers working in parallel. Our rush service can exceed 15,000 words per day of polished, technical translation.
  • Multiple File Types: These include (but are not limited to): MS Powerpoint and other Office Suite software, PDF, InDesign, HTML, XML, and Transifex (for software localization).
  • Our Clients Love Us: Once a project is in progress, we adapt to the requirements of your internal team. Want to handle everything over email? No problem. Need us to work with your custom app or call schedule? We can do that too. Read the latest client reviews here.

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