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Media monitoring is an essential tool for knowing how your brand is received and perceived by consumers. It’s your way of keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s trending in the current market. This process can be daunting in itself. Add the element of conducting this sort of research in a foreign language, and the task of Arabic Media Monitoring may seem overwhelming.

Let Industry Arabic make things a little easier for you. We are one of the world’s leading AR<=>EN language service providers. Our team of experienced linguists and project managers has the industry know-how and marketing savvy to help your brand succeed in the Arabic-speaking world. Look below for a breakdown of our Arabic Media Monitoring process, and see for yourself how Industry Arabic can help your brand!

  • Media Research:

The best way to see how your brand is perceived by former and potential customers alike is by scouring all available media mentioning your company. This includes press clippings, Internet blog and vlog reviews, social media, and radio and TV product spots, among many others. Another helpful strategy is to look at search engine analytics to see how much or often your brand is searched or mentioned online. After gathering all the necessary source material, then begins the tedious task of sifting through the data. Through the analysis, your company will gain a better idea of how well your product or brand resonates with its target audience.  Based on the results, you can then make the decision to stay the course or amend your approach to marketing your services. Moreover, all of this monitoring and research will allow you to better assess your company’s hold over the market.

So, you happen to have a massive amount of data, but you can’t understand it. This is where our crack team steps in. All of our highly qualified and vetted translators are experts in a variety of subject matter and material. It is this versatility that has enabled Industry Arabic to satisfy customers of all stripes. On top of that, our team also excels at handling Arabic translation in many different formats. Whether you have print or audio research to evaluate, we have the proper tools and expertise to deliver the timely and accurate results you need. This also includes our precise attention to detail when formatting your translation as close as possible to the original source. Whatever your research, company, and clients demand, our team is here to provide!

  • Rapid Response:

Most of your customers may be completely satisfied with your product and/or services. However, on the internet, you’re bound to receive negative feedback every once and a while. Whether the comment comes from a Russian spy bot, a surly troll, or a legitimately disappointed client, it’s better to get ahead of a problem as soon as they emerge. A timely and appropriately worded reply to any criticism can go a long way to repairing your credibility and ratings. Additionally, the longer you take to respond, the longer negative feedback dominates the conversation on your brand.

As such, it’s best to address any bad rating by apologizing for the problem at hand, asking for a clear explanation of the issue, and perhaps even offering a discount or refund to smooth things over. When it comes to Arabic comments, you will not only need to translate the text itself but also your response to the OP. Industry Arabic can help you on both ends of this interaction. Our worldwide team of project managers and translators offers 24-hour coverage for all of our clients, so we can handle your requests whenever you’re in need and across any timezone! In this way, we can ensure that both your and your client’s words are understood by everyone looking at the comments section.

  • Dialect Support

Many may be surprised to learn that there are multiple variants and dialects of the Arabic language. Some differ so vastly from Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) as to be incomprehensible between regions and countries. Accordingly, you may encounter reviews or feedback written with slang words or in a specific dialect that machine translation services won’t be able to interpret. So, without the proper technology, you now have to find the right translator who knows the particular form of Arabic found in your material. But, how can you be sure you’re working with the right people for the job?

As previously mentioned, Industry Arabic only works with a select group of skilled professionals, all of whom are either native speakers or very familiar with all major Arabic dialects and variances. When approaching any translation, our project managers analyze the specific nuances of the source material to identify the type of Arabic used. Then, we assign it to a translator proficient in that dialect. We can even help craft meaningful media messages to suit a particular country’s language and culture. At the end of the day, it’s better to trust our actual human speakers of the language than any other service incapable of grasping the subtle textures of this highly complicated language!

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