Arabic Book Translation: Nonfiction and Academic Works



Arabic Book Translation Nonfiction and Academic Works

Do you have a book or other long-form nonfiction text to be translated from Arabic to English or vice-versa? Whether you have an engineering textbook, work of history, or training curriculum, the right translation is the bridge between your ideas and your audience. Subtle decisions on phrasing and terminology will determine whether your translation is engaging or a snooze. With so much depending on the quality of your translation, selecting the right translator for your nonfiction work – one who combines a command of the subject matter with an excellent prose style – is the most important decision you will make in your publication process.

Industry Arabic translates millions of words each year between Arabic and English, but we take on just a handful of book projects. This allows us to devote significant attention to your book and match it with a translator (or team of translators) who would be the best fit for your subject matter and style. From academic works to training manuals to biographies, we have the depth and experience to produce a faithful (and timely) translation of your book. This article describes our proven process for translating long-form works between Arabic and English and provides some examples of recent projects. If you’re looking for a quote for an Arabic book translation right away, please visit our quote page here.

Our Process for Nonfiction Book Translation

Translating a book may not take as long as writing it, but it does require significantly more effort than an average project. No matter the size or scope, though, we will ensure that your book’s material is handled with the same care, scrutiny, and attention to detail we are known for (you can read our unfiltered reviews here).  The following is a brief summary of the steps we take when translating any book project:

  • Translator Selection & Literature Review: The single most important factor impacting the quality of your book translation is the diligence and skill of the translator(s) working on it. So after our initial client consultation, we select the best translator and editor for the project based on their demonstrated experience and track record on past projects. Next, this team gathers the necessary background information pertinent to your book’s subject matter. This includes a review of existing literature and compiling relevant terms from the book itself. This preparation ensures that the terms and tone will be appropriate for the target audience and conform to the prevailing style in the field.
  • Scheduling: Though we prefer to have a single translator work on a project from start to finish, the book’s length and the client’s deadline may preclude this option. If we have to split up the translation among several translators, we take some extra precautionary measures to ensure the translation’s consistency and timely completion. First, the project manager will create a glossary from the literature review to unify the spelling of names and recurring concepts throughout the text. Next, we have the translators submit their progress on a rolling basis to make sure that the translated text meets our high-quality standards. Lastly, the project manager will edit all of the sections into a cohesive whole, creating a translation that reads as if written by a single translator. At the project start, we will review with the client our proposed delivery schedule, including milestones for submission and client review.
  • Revision Process: After we have produced our initial translation, our job isn’t over. All translations go through a  2-step verification process, involving the translator and editor. Once finished with the translation, our translators then revise their own work and proofread the text. Next, our experienced editor will carefully review the translation to ensure accuracy, good style, adherence to the correct terminology, as well as correct formatting and grammar. In the end, this process produces a translation that is ready for your target audience, a text that has been carefully crafted and revised from start to finish.
  • Editing & Publishing Support: Now your translation is ready for the presses! After the translation has been submitted, we will work directly with your editor or publisher to ensure the whole team agrees the work is ready for print. We will also work with them to answer any questions regarding formatting or stylistic choices, or accommodate any last-minute tweaks. Need help with font selection, graphic design, and layout?  Our in-house graphics team is happy to assist with these tasks.

Previous Nonfiction Book Translation Projects:

The following is a short list of some of the many Arabic book translation projects we’ve completed in the past:

  • Book on Egyptian Legal System. Industry Arabic completed a full Arabic translation of The Struggle for Constitutional Power, a scholarly study by Tamir Moustafa on the evolving role of Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court. The translation was published and available here.
  • Book on Origins of the Islamic State. Industry Arabic completed a full English translation of a book on the historical and political roots of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).
  • Salafism Book. Translation of a book chronicling the personal account of a member of a Salafi group in the Levant.
  • GCC Royal Biography. We edited and proofread the English translation of a biography of a member of a Gulf royal family.
  • Sanhuri Legal Translation. Industry Arabic is in the middle of a major project to translate the commentaries of legal scholar Abd al-Razzar al-Sanhuri on Egypt’s civil code.

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