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Like its sister Maghrebi Arabic dialects, Algerian Darja is one of the most difficult Arabic dialects to comprehend. It is rarely spoken outside of its own borders. Few Arabs outside western North Africa can even understand it. Finding a translator to handle this difficult dialect can be just as challenging as translating the language in the first place. Perhaps you have a TV interview in Darja about the current pro-democracy protests throughout the country. Or maybe you wish to publish training material for oil refinery workers in their dialect. Considering Darja’s difficulty and niche status, where can you turn to get an accurate Algerian Arabic translation for your organization?

Whatever the case may be, Industry Arabic has all of your Algerian Arabic translation solutions covered. Our comprehensive array of translation services has proven to be more cost-effective, timely, and of higher quality than the average language services. Read on through the rest of this article to see the Industry Arabic difference when it comes to handling your specific Algerian Arabic needs.

Details of Darja Arabic 

Algerian Arabic is a reflection of the many peoples and cultures who have called Algeria home over the centuries. Being the original inhabitants of the area, the Berber language of the Kabyle people has a heavy influence on Darja. Most Algerians are also fully fluent in French, as Algeria was an official department of France for over 100 years. Thus, code-switching is a very common part of urban Algerian lives. Additionally, many French loan words have made their way into the lexicon of everyday Algerians.

As is the case with most Arabic dialects, some basic pronunciation variances exist between Modern Standard Arabic and Darja. Often times the ذ sounds like a د, the ث sounds like a ت, the ظ becomes a ض, and ق could sound either like a “q” or “g”. Algerian Darja also tends to collapse all consonant sounds together by removing short vowels. This produces a truncated, staccato cadence to the language. To express the future tense, the active participle رايح (rayeH) is added before the present tense verb, and changes depending on the gender and number of the subject. Similarly, to express progressive present tense, the preposition را followed by the proper possessive pronoun precedes the present tense verb.

Our Translation Philosophy

Even for native Arabic speakers, Algerian Darja seems like an incomprehensible foreign language. That’s why we have created our tried and true methods for translating any Darja project in an efficient and accurate manner. Below is a brief summary of what you can expect from an Industry Arabic translation:

  • 100% Trusted Expert Human Translators: Robots haven’t put us out of work just yet! Even on its best days, machine translation software can barely produce a passable translation. However, when working with a unique dialect such as Algerian Darja, Google doesn’t stand a chance. Fortunately, Industry Arabic relies on a team of professionally vetted translators, most of whom specialize in various industries and subject matter. In this way, you can rest assured that human eyes and minds are interpreting and translating your content with the proper linguistic and cultural context it requires.
  • Algerian Linguists: Every Industry Arabic translation goes through a two-step review process to verify accuracy and readability. With Darja projects, these processes are handled by professional Algerian linguists, who understand their native dialect and culture better than anyone else. After finishing the translation, the translator edits and revises their work against the source text. Then, they submit the document to our project managers, who proofread it and ensure that it is ready for delivery. In this way, you know that your project is being handled by individuals familiar with this specific dialect.
  • Passion for Presentation: We know that translations come in all shapes, sizes, and formats. We also understand the proper formatting rules and methods for making your translation look presentable to an Algerian audience. The process of flipping images in a Powerpoint, typesetting Arabic text to the right, or subtitling a video can be a huge headache for most. Our team, on the other hand, can handle any type of document type or multimedia file you have to offer. Making sure your project looks good to the target reader is just a standard part of our translation services package!

Previous Algerian Arabic Translation Projects 

We pride ourselves on our high-quality standards, quick turnaround times, and accurate translations. The following are just a small sample of some of the Algerian Arabic projects that we completed in the past:

  • Think Tank Articles: We routinely translate articles on Algeria’s political landscape for a prominent DC-based think tank. Many of the articles include Darja terms and require Industry Arabic’s nuanced understanding of Algerian culture and politics.

Ready to start your next Algerian Arabic translation?

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Our team will then work with you every step of the way to make sure that we deliver a project according to your preferences and expectations. Don’t hesitate to contact us today! We look forward to taking on your next Algerian Arabic translation!

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