Complete Your
Translation Request

Thank you for contacting Industry Arabic. We would be happy to help with your translation project.

For short projects, we charge a prepaid, flat fee. The fee includes:

  • Translation by a skilled, tested translator
  • Accuracy check and proofreading by a second independent translator
  • Formatting within MS Office to match the source text as closely as possible
  • Any edits you may require within 30 days of document delivery

To proceed with your project, select from the options available and pay with a credit card or Google Pay. As soon as we receive your payment, we will begin the project and send you a confirmation email.

Short Translation Project ($99)
Within 1-2 business days we will submit your translated document(s) via email in the same format in which they were received.

Short Certified Translation Project ($147)
Same as above, but we will also provide you with a stamped, notarized letter stating that your translation has passed our quality control process and is a complete and accurate translation of the original. At your option, we will mail hard copies of these documents to you anywhere in the world (please provide your mailing address if you want this).

As always, your project is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This means if, for any reason, you are not happy with the quality of your translation, let us know within 30 days and we will amend the document at absolutely no charge.