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Hi, my name is Will Ward and I’m the founder of Industry Arabic.

Thanks for requesting a quote!

But first, I wanted to take a second to tell you about why our company exists at all.

I started the company in 2011.

I had just moved back to Washington DC from two years living in Cairo.

And before that I finished a Masters in Middle Eastern Studies from Oxford University.

I was chatting with a friend who was working in Saudi Arabia at the time and we were talking about the atrocious quality of the translations we were seeing.

In our different jobs, we were both spending a ton of time fixing bad translations by big agencies or freelancers.

So we realized there was a huge need for a truly world class translation service, one that was focused exclusively on Arabic.

So that’s what we did. We started hiring the best translators we could find – specialists in the different dialects and technical areas like law, engineering, development and so on. And here we are!

Since then, we’ve become a partner for the UN, Fortune 100 companies, big law firms, and NGOs around the world.

The way we work is simple. You see, a lot of people think that the translation industry is run by fancy software and artificial intelligence.

And, yes, there is some of that.

But at the end of the day it comes down to this:

Translation is a skilled professional craft. So as you compare, I urge you to ask these questions:

  • Does the translator know the subject matter well enough to produce an accurate translation?
  • Is there a secondary editor, and are they able to invest the attention to detail needed to produce a truly world class piece?
  • Is there a graphic designer, web developer or powerpoint expert making sure that the document looks crisp and professional?
  • And is there an Arabic fluent project manager who is able to tie everything together, fix problems before they start, and ensure everything comes together by the deadline?

That’s how we serve our clients.

And here’s my promise to you: if we’re lucky enough to work together, our team will not rest until you’re 100% thrilled with your translation.

Thanks, and we’ll have the quote over to you soon.
We’ll get back to you soon!

Will Ward

Will Ward,
Founder, Industry Arabic
Mob: +1 240 483 2205

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