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Learning Arabic is hard and, unfortunately, only getting harder. Regional wars have reduced opportunities to learn in places like Syria and Yemen while programs like CASA have had their funding cut. With so many of our own translators coming from U.S. Arabic language programs, we decided it’s time to do our part to support the next generation of linguists working to master this beautiful and challenging language.


About the Scholarship

  • Each year, Industry Arabic will award scholarships of $2,000 to support tuition and living expenses for 1-2 students pursuing advanced, immersive Arabic study. NOTE: Given the COVID-19 situation, the scholarship funds may be used for online learning program for the 2021 cycle or in-person programs. No preference will be given to online vs in-person during the selection procress.
  • Scholarship funds may be used for private study or applied to a program such as CASA and may be combined with other funding sources.
  • Eligibility is limited to U.S. citizens who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program that incorporates advanced Arabic language skills (a major / concentration in Arabic language is not necessary).
  • We are looking to support the next generation of superior Arabic linguists regardless of field (linguistics, area studies, literature, anthropology, political science, etc).
  • Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of practical skill as demonstrated in the sample translation, as well as overall academic merit.

How To Apply

Applications are due 31 May of each year, with winners announced on 30 June. To apply, please complete the form below (all fields required). Questions? Please email:


How do you define "currently enrolled"?  "Currently enrolled" means you are enrolled in a program as of the date that applications close each year (May 31). For example if you are college senior graduating in June, you would still be eligible to apply in the May before you graduate. Can you provide any guidance about the type of text for the translation sample? We do not take into consideration genre or time period of the source text. We do however consider overall text difficulty. For example, if we are comparing a flawless translation of a basic newspaper article to a flawless translation of a difficult literary text we would weight the latter more heavily. For this reason, we advise you to select the most difficult text that you can do an excellent translation of.

Scholarship Application Form

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Describe your current educational situation. Where are you enrolled? When will you graduate? What is your current course of study and research topic(s)? (200 words max)

current educational situation
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Describe your past Arabic studies and current level of Arabic. (200 words max)

Arabic studies and current level of Arabic
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What are your professional goals and how does Arabic fit into them? (200 words max)

professional goals and how does Arabic fit into them?
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If selected, how will you use the scholarship funds? If for a formal program, have you been admitted yet? If not, when will you hear? (200 words max)

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Upload a sample Arabic to English translation that you completed along with the source text if available (500 words max, not including source, doc or docx format).
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Upload a current academic transcript (PDF format)
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