Thank you for your interest in working with Industry Arabic.

Our company strives to be the best in the world at one thing: Arabic "TO" English translation.

Unlike most language companies who work in dozens or hundreds of language combinations, we limit ourselves to one (albeit challenging) language pair that is underserved in the market. We are always looking for talented new translators to add to our team.

We work with translators on both a freelance and full-time basis and all of our full-time employees got their start as freelancers.


What are we looking for:

  • Individuals who are native speakers of English or Arabic, with an elite level proficiency in the other language
  • People who take translation problems seriously and want to be the best at what they do
  • People who are great writers in their native language
  • People with significant and immediate availability for translation work (at least 5,000 words per week)


What we are not or not necessarily looking for:

  • Academic or professional background in translation (it’s great if you have such a background, but we also have worked with excellent translators with no formal training in the field)
  • Experience using Trados or other computer translation tools (They are helpful in some cases and a hinderance in others; some translators use them as a crutch)
  • People who are looking to translate for a very short period of time (eg ‘I want to translate for a month before I start grad school / my new job at X / move to Vietnam,’ etc)

If you think this is a good match for your situation, please fill out the form below. If we feel there is a potential fit, we will be in touch to set up a translation test and reference check.

Please do not call or email regarding your application status.

Freelance Translator Application Form

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  • Any other current jobs or other commitments
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Please describe the most challenging Arabic <> English translation project you have completed. Why was it challenging? What did you do to finish the project?

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Describe the funniest or most egregious mistranslation you have seen between Arabic and English.

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Briefly describe an interesting book you read in Arabic or English in the last year.

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Are you interested in being considered for a part time or full time translation manager position (Yes/no)? If yes, please describe your relevant experience and interest in this role. This role is appropriate for an experienced translator with experience editing translations and coordinating complex translation projects between several translators. 

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