Employment (Step 2)

Thank you for completing our initial questionnaire.

We’ve reviewed your responses and CV and would like to continue the discussion about translating for Industry Arabic.

As a next step, we’d like to provide some more information about what to expect from us and what we expect from translators.

When we call our company the “Leader in Arabic Translation Services” it is not just marketing talk.

We have a team that is passionate about being the best at what they do. We work with clients who are demanding, but only because they care about their work and want to make the biggest impact they can.

As a team, we invest many hours in honing our craft: training, sharing best practices, creating glossaries, style guides, and specialized references for various projects. 

What we look for in freelancers

  • Quality and Style: The basic building blocks of a great translation. We look carefully to see if technical terms were researched and translated correctly, and whether the style matches as closely as possible the style intended by the original document.
  • Availability: As a freelancer, you are free to set your own schedule and are under no obligation to take any assignment from Industry Arabic. However, we are often under time pressure to confirm projects, so if you are unavailable too often, we look to other translators who have more availability. Being available and confirming fast when assignments come through is the best way to ensure our translation managers will think of you first when new jobs come in. It’s also critical that you be available directly after submitting the project in case there are edits needed to the work.
  • Teamwork and Attitude: If you’re serious about being the best, you know that it doesn’t happen alone. We are looking for people who can engage with our team positively, sometimes accepting critical feedback, in the interests of producing the best work.

Rate structure

  • To start we will offer you an introductory rate of 6 cents (USD) per word for an period of two months.
  • Following that, we can raise your rate to 7 cents per word.
  • If you require a higher rate, there may be possibilities for working together on certain projects. Translators make the most money working for us with a freelance rate of 7 cents per word because we are able to give them a higher volume of work.

Translation test

The next step in the process is our translation test. Please take one or both tests according to which language(s) you work in. Please send back the test within 1 week of receiving it (eg. if test is received on a Monday, then it us due by COB EST the following Monday).

Arabic to English Translation Test English to Arabic Translation Test