Arabic Wikipedia Project

Enriching Arabic Content on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a wonderful thing. This massive online dictionary contains millions of quality user-generated articles in every language on earth. It has become an invaluable source of free education for the world, including translators like us.

Unfortunately, Wikipedia’s Arabic content is often lacking in both quantity and quality. When an Arabic resource does exist, it’s often unreliable and contains grammatical mistakes, factual errors, etc.

At Industry Arabic, we believe we have a duty to help enrich Arabic content. Through our team of professional translators and editors, we are seeking to expand the number of Wikipedia articles available in Arabic. We are doing this on a volunteer basis and as a public service to the platform and its readers.

And we need your help!

We invite you to help us develop this project by suggesting possible topics or articles. Our team will then translate the English pages of approved topics or edit any articles you submit to us.

We’ve already “adopted” the four articles below but welcome submissions on other themes. All submissions must be apolitical and impartial, with sources clearly cited.

Global Food Safety Initiativeمبادرة سلامة الغذاء العالمية
Convention on the Reduction of Statelessnessالاتفاقية بشأن خفض حالات انعدام الجنسية
Chemical Weapons Conventionمعاهدة حظر الأسلحة الكيميائية
Convention Relating to the Status of Refugeesالاتفاقية الخاصة بوضع اللاجئين

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